About Kaulig Media

Kaulig Media is a full-service creative agency specializing in digital marketing and brand promotion, but at our heart, we have a creative and curious spirit.

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Our Mission

Kaulig Media's mission is to help brands grow and thrive to make a difference in the world. We're driven by creativity, curiosity, and generosity in all that we do for our clients and partners. We carry the “Hustle” and “Today not Tomorrow” torch passed on by Executive Chairman, Matt Kaulig, and President, Tim Clepper, while always acting with a clear strategy to execute marketing with agility. We wake up every morning ready to stretch ourselves and perform at peak levels so that our clients and partners can do the remarkable work they are meant to do. 

Each of Kaulig Media's talented team members works hard to help you build a better brand experience through marketing efforts that are strategic, sensible, and scalable. With a skill set as diverse as our personalities, you get our best every day—because that's what you deserve from a world-class marketing team. 

In addition to serving Kaulig Companies vast array of marketing needs, exclusive services are offered to key clients which include: Print Services, Promotion Products and Merchandise, Video Production services, Digital Marketing services, Custom Web Development services, and Event Management. The foundation of Kaulig Media services are performed by a team of business-minded creatives who take pride in positivity, teamwork, and commitment to excellent client service. 

What We Believe

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WE believe in Creativity

When it comes to making an impact in the world, creativity is essential. We dream big and we're not afraid to use our imagination.

WE believe in CURIOSITY

Our team is naturally curious. We never settle for the status quo. We push the limits of what's possible as avid learners and fearless explorers. 

WE believe in GENEROSITY

You can make more of a difference with being generous than with anything else. We're always looking for ways to give back and serve others.

WE believe in TODAY

Why not today? When it can be done, we'll do it. We are doers and difference-makers. We approach each day ready to tackle big challenges. 

WE believe in PEOPLE

People matter. We are extra diligent in developing deep relationships. We value the time it takes to have a meaningful conversation. 

WE believe in communities

The world is changed from the bottom up. When communities thrive, we all thrive. We invest in making an impact through giving and serving. 

Kaulig Media Culture

A Creative and Curious Spirit

Our culture is centered around creativity and curiosity. When it comes to making a lasting impact in the world, we believe that creativity is essential. We are creative in how we solve problems, how we approach challenges, and how we communicate. This mindset informs how we see the world and how we envision helping our clients and brands make a difference. We love to dream big and we're not afraid to use our imagination. 

The Kaulig Media team is also naturally curious. We never settle for the status quo and we're not afraid to push the limits of what's possible. This mindset helps us develop new ways to execute on strategy and allows us to act with agility. Our team members are avid learners—seeking to soak up new ideas and set new trends. We're also fearless explorers—ready to launch into new territories and discover new possibilities. 


Humble Beginnings

Part of the Kaulig Companies Family

An entrepreneur and marketer mindset go hand-in-hand with Matt Kaulig, founder of Kaulig Companies and Kaulig Media. He started and built a marketing, event marketing, direct mail agency at Leaf Home Solutions that did $582M in revenue in 2019. That same marketing team now employs almost 1,000 people in the US and Canada and currently operates in 87 markets.

In addition to Leaf Home Solutions, Matt is also the Owner and Executive Chairman of Kaulig Companies, a single-member family office that includes Kaulig Capital, a private equity, real estate, and investment banking firm; Ellsworth Advisors, a comprehensive financial planning and asset management firm; Kaulig Racing, a leading NASCAR Xfinity team which races 2 full time cars as well as competing in select NASCAR Cup series races, and Kaulig Giving, the philanthropic arm for the Kaulig Companies which supported over sixty 501c3 organizations in the past year.

In 2017, Matt Kaulig’s business acumen led to the start of Kaulig Media, a full service integrated marketing agency to support the diverse needs of the Kaulig Companies brands. In little over two years of existence, Kaulig Media has grown to 40+ talented employees. 

Outward Expression of Our Inward Attitude

We are driven by a heart of generosity

As part of the larger Kaulig Companies family, Kaulig Media is proud to be an active participant in Kaulig's wide-reaching philanthropy efforts. Kaulig Giving, the giving arm of Kaulig Companies, supports the well-being of children and families through direct giving, community involvement, and partnerships with like-minded organizations. Together, we are bound by our collective heart of generosity to help make a lasting impact in communities in Northeast Ohio and beyond. 

Learn more at Kaulig Giving


Where You'll Find Us

Headquartered in Hudson, Ohio

Kaulig Media is proud to be headquartered in Hudson, OH with a brand new 18,000+ SF office space. This new location will house over 30 team members with space dedicated to video and audio studios, merchandise displays, digitally-enabled conference rooms, and creative workspaces for the entire team.