Alessandra Kline

  • Digital Project Manager

  • About

    If you’re looking for someone who gets things done while sprinkling in a lot of joy at the same time, Digital Project Manager, Alessandra is your best bet.

    Practically an air traffic controller for all digital marketing projects, Alessandra is well versed in G Suite, WordPress, Umbraco Content Management Systems (CMS), and so much more. With a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from The University of Akron, she understands the needs of others and helps them create their best work. Whether it's coworkers or clients, Alessandra loves people and being in a role where relationships are the focal point.

    Alessandra grew up with a passion to travel and continues to explore life, visit new places to eat, and enjoy life with her husband, Braden, and their dog, Oaks. She loves photography, flowers, and—you guessed it—photographing flowers.


    • Social media strategy 
    • Exploring new, adventurous places 
    • Creating meeting agendas, next steps, and project recap messages
    • Scouring data such as Google Analytics, website traffic, and Google campaigns