Amanda Nalette

  • Post-Production Manager

  • About

    Amanda is the Post-Production Manager at Kaulig Media, where she specializes in the editing and approval process for the entire video team. By working with our editors one on one, Amanda is able to call on her wide variety of experiences in the industry to provide creative direction, technical edits, and ensures that every video meets Kaulig Media’s standards before it leaves our doors.  

    Before joining the team in 2019, Amanda worked at a creative agency where she developed her on-set, concepting, editing, and 2D animation skills. From live productions to ongoing commercial campaigns, corporate animations and intro videos for professional sports teams, Amanda’s vast experiences in the video production world have shaped her into an editor and animator who wears many hats (and loves ALL of them!)  

    Specializing in: creative concepting,managing the post-production schedule for the entire team, lead editor for all major projects, video editing and animation, training leader in development of post-production skills, managing deliverables with entire team, quality control for all finished videos, client relations and communicating deadlines and expectations.