Andrew Nalette

  • Creative Director for Video Production

  • About

    Andrew is the Video Creative Director at Kaulig Media. Andrew oversees the creative team during the pre-production phase and ensures that the creative direction remains consistent through the production process. Working directly with the client in initial discovery meetings, Andrew understands the needs of the client, and how video can be used to help them achieve their goals.

    Andrew started his professional career as an intern for the Cleveland Indians. His love and passion of creative video gave him the opportunity to work with brands like the Vegas Golden Knights, the Cleveland Cavaliers, GE, and Anheuser-Busch to name a few. When he isn’t working, he spends his time cooking. And when he isn’t cooking, he spends his time going to Chili’s, watching movies, and thinking about how cool Ric Flair is.

    Andrew specializes in creative direction, concept ideation, market trends, pitching, client relations, directing, cinematography, production equipment, production management, pricing, and growing the skillsets of the production team.