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    As The Provider, Carrie is sensitive to the needs of others and feels a sense of personal responsibility in helping to meet those needs. She is hard-working, practical, organized, and conscientious. She works intentionally and methodically to make the world a better and more worthwhile place. Carrie is loyal and places a high priority on family and friends. But she’s also generous with her time, talents, and organizational skills to the benefit of others and their lives. She continuously seeks new opportunities to be useful to others if she sees a need or becomes aware of the load, pressure, or stress that someone is under. She very easily takes on the role of organizer without hesitation, and wants to be sure that everyone is taken care of. She’s down to earth, but highly competent. She’s highly competitive, but very supportive. She’s almost supernaturally organized, but remarkably adaptable. On first impression, it is clearly evident how friendly and approachable Carrie is.

    As Kaulig Media's Managing Director, Carrie brings an enormous amount of organizational talent among her colleagues. But more significantly, she brings an intangible quality of awareness. She's a careful observer, with loads of common sense, and an overall sense of being "with-it." She's caring and generous, so everyone feels the sense that they are valuable and their needs are provided for. She's that one person that you want to be near when things need to get done, when there is chaos that needs organizing, or when things are just downright tough. She is fearlessly capable, utterly determined, uber-responsible, and yet full of joy. As a result, she inspires great loyalty and great confidence. 

    Carrie specializes in: 

    • Project management with expertise in large-scale allocation of resources & operational improvement
    • Account leadership and budget management 
    • Strategizing and executing digital solutions for growth-oriented companies of all sizes
    • Managing internal teams to ensure brand cohesion across marketing mediums
    • Marketing measurement strategy and reporting

    Carrie displays her down to earth wisdom in often subtle ways. "Every season brings growth in one way or another and it’s important to constantly be an observer of the things, people, and circumstances around you. I’m generally very decisive and make small achievable goals for myself each season. I try not to get wrapped up about big life things. I just make small goals and go after them.” Interestingly though, Carrie is more than just practical. She deeply loves music. She loves watching people enjoy the music they are making. "You can see their joy in doing what they do. Live music is such a huge draw.” Carrie’s husband, Andrew, is a musician and their home is generally filled with music, play, and loads of time outdoors. Carrie and Andrew live in Canton, OH with their two children, Leona & Elliot.