Daniela Rosenberger

  • Designer

  • About

    Daniela always loved the arts, but she never thought it'd play a significant role in her life. That was until her art teacher asked her to consider it as a career path. (We're all glad she did.) As a Kaulig Media Designer, Daniela brings a calm creativity and joyous spirit to her thoughtful designs.

    After graduating from Kent State's Visual Communication Design program, Daniela worked as a freelance designer and a full-timer at ipsoCreative. When she's not designing, she and her husband spend time renovating their 100-year-old fixer-upper home.

    She feels most refreshed and inspired when working with her hands, whether that be on a house project, painting, gardening, or cooking. She treasures spending time with her family and currently resides in the Akron area with her husband, Nathan, and their cute daughter, Maizie.


    • Expertise in graphic design, web design, brand identity, and logo design
    • Creating intentionally driven & strategic designs for print, digital, and social
    • Proficient in design, painting, and visually communicating stories
    • Lover of dark chocolate, preferably 85% or more