Elizabeth Speaker

  • Account Manager
  • Digital Marketing Lead

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    True to her ENTJ type, the Field Marshall, Elizabeth thrives on working with others towards the strategic pursuit of a goal. Warm and steady, she is able to assess situations, people, and opportunities within minutes. She soaks up data to find solutions, create a plan, and move others towards that goal.  

    Elizabeth has a curious spirit - part analytical, part creative and she approaches both her work and personal artwork with precision and intention. As a Visual Manager for the brand Anthropologie for almost a decade, she thrived on utilizing sales data to guide merchandising and display action plans. That passion for building strategy around data brought her to digital marketing and the Kaulig Media team. As Account Manager & Digital Marketing Lead, Elizabeth focuses on: 

    • Leading digital campaign strategy and execution, with an emphasis on conversion optimization
    • Developing data-driven digital marketing strategies and working with the entire team to execute across mediums 
    • Guiding Kaulig Media’s playbook in SEO, Paid Search and Social, A/B Testing, analytics and dashboard tools

    Elizabeth grew up in Tampa, FL, but her love for the mountains lured her to move to Greenville, SC. She and her husband share a studio space at Art Bomb Studios, where Elizabeth works in printmaking and paper cutting. On a free Saturday you can find them playing with their daughter Sophie, planting their garden, traveling around Italy in the summer, and hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains with their pup Roma.