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    A few moments with Emily and everything seems lighter, warmer and inspiring.  She embodies many qualities of the Giver (ENFJ) including compassion and curiosity. Plus, she lives in a world of possibilities. She always sees the bright side of the situation, makes a plan and sees it to fruition. She has the eye of a creative and the analytical brain to carry out small details with joy and ease. For instance, one of her favorite jobs was icing 2000+ cookies during her night shift in a local bakery. 

    Emily’s family was very close growing up. Full of hard work and kindness, her parents (Joe and Beth) are involved in varying parts of Habitat for Humanity of East Central Ohio. Emily admires her dad’s humor and humility. “He puts everyone before himself. I hope that I can be like that one day.”  Emily’s mother is a strong business woman. “Her idea of faith and community is something she’s given both me and my sister. The way she is able to be a leader not only at work but in the community is inspiring” 

    Emily’s Grandma Kay showed her how to love people with an undeserving and intense love. “My grandma would send care packages to all my friends in college who didn’t have grandparents, without my knowledge! She was everyone’s Grandma Kay”. While Emily was in college her grandmother passed away unexpectedly, but Emily carries on her random acts of kindness by sharing little bits of love to let others know someone is thinking about them, whether she’s bringing a coworker’s favorite treat in the middle of a hard project or complimenting a waitress. “I want to be a friend to everyone even if it’s not deserving because everyone needs grace – I don’t need to be unique, but I want everyone else to see they are special in the way they are.” 

    Meghan is Emily’s older sister and they are best friends. They share the joys of the outdoors, adventure and the value of a good vest. Building other’s confidence through instructing rock climbing and skiing, they both have a way of working with others and finding community wherever they go. Now living on opposite sides of the United States they still talk everyday. Emily moved back home to Ohio from New York City to be near family to help raise her son, Oliver. He is laid back and goes everywhere with her. “He is inquisitive. I find myself finding joy and beauty in new things because I’m stopping to look at the things that he is looking at. His joy and curiosity of the world is reviving my joy of the world.”