Jon Taylor

  • About

    Jon is a keen observer of the strengths and weaknesses of those around him and works to draw the best out of each person. He is also a student of the patterns in life and quickly dissects them into individual explainable or controllable variables. He is constantly working toward productive change to capture efficiencies or opportunities that would normally pass by. He is a life-long learner and is energized by applying that knowledge in the service of others.

    Jon is responsible for reinforcing existing and building new relationships with clients in the Western United States. He is responsible for the creation & optimization of processes related to delivering the services we provide. Leveraging his educational background and previous experience, he sees through the noise of competing priorities and helps a brand turn goals and objectives into strategies. To him, customer satisfaction is an expectation, and as such, integrity is paramount. Jon's experience includes:

    • Experienced in custom digital solutions for growth-oriented companies of all sizes
    • Leader of tailored approach to discovery process with new accounts
    • Extracts, articulates and amplifies the brand stories (value, position, and purpose) of our clients' for both video & web
    • Deep experience in the creation and optimization of web implementation processes

    Jon was born and raised in Northeast Ohio and grew up playing any sport with a ball. As a former athlete, he identifies as a coach in a business context and is energized by watching a team rally to achieve a goal. He's also skeptical, independent and has high standards of competence and performance (for himself and others). Jon and his wife, Kim moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and now reside in Pasadena, CA.