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    As somebody who can find joy in almost anything, we know what drives Jordan’s numerous interests is an incessant curiosity and fascination for all the world has to offer. Everywhere he goes, and with every interaction, Jordan is always soaking something up and taking something in. He was even able to enjoy algebra in high school, because it taught him to think strategically and logically. This knack for problem-solving has certainly carried into his adult, professional life.

    Jordan is incredibly relational, and loves establishing connections with those around him. His comfort and confidence in his own skin make him both an incredible listener and communicator. Far and above his many interests, Jordan loves people. When asked what it is that he loves so much about people, he spent several moments contemplating the question before responding. “I just think everybody is going through something… If I can be there for them, bring some healing and restoration to whatever they’re dealing with… that’s what makes me happy.” While Jordan makes friends everywhere he goes, he sees his nuclear family as his best friends. Though it was a rough transition at first, his parent’s divorce and re-marriages gained him a larger and more awesome family. “I wouldn’t want it any other way. Experiencing brokenness be converted to life has been incredible, and I’m so grateful for it.” 

    Starting at a young age, Jordan has always loved sports and a good healthy competition— especially when it was against older brother, Vince. Whether it was soccer, basketball, or a ridiculous game of foosball, Vince never let Jordan get a win in. But, like the true learner he is, Jordan saw those defeats as growing experiences. In fact, Jordan sees Vince as a major source of inspiration. “He defines success as being better than you were yesterday, and he truly pursues and lives that. And he loves sharing it with others.”  

    In their free time, newlyweds Jordan and Cara love cooking, spending time with their friends & family, and immersing themselves in the peace and solace nature provides: “I love that it's so quiet and still, yet contains so much beauty and life.” Jordan admits that while the future can freak him out, he's reassured by Seth Godin, who said: “You can never be ready, but you can be more or less prepared." Jordan is looking forward to the lessons he's sure to learn about small business and agency life and dreams of someday applying those lessons to some sort of entrepreneurial pursuit with Cara.