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    As an ENFJ, The Giver, Katie is empathetic, compassionate, and giving. In minutes, it’s clearly evident that she is genuine in her intentions. She deeply values being connected to others and for others to be connected to one another. So it's not surprising that she is remarkably adept at building strong relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Katie’s very perceptive, but optimistic. So, she chooses to look for the best in people. She’s capable and confident, but empathetic. So, she strives for cooperation and seeks to help others personally develop. She’s responsible with a high capacity for juggling multiple things on multiple fronts, but values harmony. So, she pursues solitude, reflection, and rest (often through yoga). Katie likes giving affirmation, support and making sure that others contributions are valued. She loves to help others reach their potential. And that sort of altruism matters immeasurably more to the flourishing of humans than just about anything else.

    Katie was born and raised on the outskirts of Cleveland, along with her younger sister, who to this day is one of her best friends. Born to Ed and Mary Jo, Katie and Kimberlyn were raised with a high value on family who did things together. “We went on regular family vacations to Virginia Beach and Florida. We did a lot of things outside. My appreciation for the beauty of nature and the outdoors came from that. We loved playing in the woods or the water and regularly went to the Metro Parks.” Katie went to Ohio University where she majored in Communications and Advertising. And through her tenure at a large agency in Akron, Ohio, she met her husband, Matt who like her (and her family) is a die-hard Cleveland sports fan. From as far back as she can remember, her family would go to the Cleveland Indians’ home opener every year. “We would get out of school for the opening and I never missed one until I had our first baby.” Also, and perhaps not so coincidentally, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the championship on her birthday.

    Katie credits her desire and ability to connect with others to her dad, who is "gifted at the art of small talk... "I was shy as a kid, but even when I was little, I remember that he would talk to the person at the deli counter. He always wanted to interact with others and he made it fun getting to know other people. When we would see the same people over and over, I would have something to talk about with them…When we traveled, he would read the pamphlets and he would share these random facts. He’s the one that’s going to read the 'Our Story' on the back of the menu and then tell us about it." It’s interesting that Katie’s dad is actually an accountant. And she credits her nerdish love for numbers and spreadsheets from him as well. Katie’s mom, on the other hand, was in communications and marketing which is where Katie gets her strength in writing. In terms of character, Katie’s mom took the time to instill kindness in her girls. To understand where people are coming from. "I think she started that at a younger age than most. In 1st grade she would talk to me about how I could understand and get along with the kids that I went to school with or lived near. That really shaped me in how to care for others and how to adapt to them.” Katie, now a mother to Zachery and Madelyn, has realized the importance of helping a child navigate those social situations at a young age. "It made me reflect on what my mom modeled for us." Unfortunately in 2015, Katie’s mom passed away from breast cancer, but she left a legacy of persistence in the face of hardships and care for other humans, that Katie is modeling for her children.