Mike Kiczek

  • UX Architect

  • About

    Affectionately known as “Keys” because of the pronunciation of his last name (Key-check), Mike is always striving for new ways to enhance a website’s design and make it easier and more satisfying for the end-user.

    A Kent State grad, Mike became a maestro in structuring and organizing information while laying the framework for digital projects. He has quite the knack for engaging with clients to develop UX strategies and best practices to accomplish their business goals and objectives.

    When he’s not whipping up beautiful web designs at Kaulig Media, you can find Mike with his fiancé, Danielle, or rocking out on the guitar and drums. A good weekend for him consists of going to music shops and finding new records to add to his vinyl collection.


    • All things web design
    • Self-proclaimed “Maxxinista”
    • Branding and Logo Development
    • Interactive Design