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    Mike Kiczek graduated from Kent State University with a BFA in Visual Communication Design in 2017. He is currently earning his master’s in UX Design through Kent State University and expects to graduate Summer 2021. He chose to peruse a degree UX Design because of how important it is to consider each user of the design, and the way’s that we can enhance the design and make it easier and more satisfying for the end user. Mike has many different favorite types of design being: web design, branding and logo development, and interactive design. He started Kaulig Media in August 2019, and earned the nickname “Keys” not only because of the pronunciation of his last name (Key-check) but because there is also 30 different Mike’s who work at Kaulig Media. In his free time you can catch him riding his bike, playing guitar, or doing both at the same time.


    • Web Design
    • Branding and Logo Development
    • Interactive Design
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