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    As The Logistician, Ryan maintains a consistent and faithful work ethic while bringing joy and peace to those he works with. He is humble, steadfast, and utterly dependable. He is much more creative than a first impression will reveal, and when you meet him, you’ll realize just how caring and committed he is to meeting the needs of clients and colleagues alike. At a very early age, Ryan developed a propensity for consistency, responsibility, and order. He would lay out matching clothes and socks every night so that he would be ready for the next day. This makes Ryan one of the best people to have around the office and on our team. You can trust him to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done—even if it's taking the trash out or doing the dishes. Despite his strong introverted tendencies, Ryan has an engaging side that shows just how much he cares for serving others. 

    As UX & Content Director at Kaulig Media, Ryan works hands-on with the clients, project management, and the internal team to help deliver the most important thing on a website - the architecture of content as well as copy content. Ryan believes that crafting a beautiful and compelling message is what makes the world go round. Therefore, he takes the role of story-teller very seriously while maintaining the integrity and tone of the content at hand. Ryan helps clients visualize the organizational structures of their new website by crafting thoughtful and detailed sitemaps and wireframes and guiding them through the decisions necessary through the architecture phase. 

    • StoryBrand Certified Guide​
    • Deep experience with content creation, user experience strategy, and website architecture.
    • Strong proficiency with open source content management systems such as Wordpress and Umbraco.
    • Six Sigma Green Belt (ASQ) in Quality and Organizational Systems

    He still finds time to be active (even with an ailing back) as he plays in local basketball and softball leagues, and helps coach his son's baseball teams. Almost everyday you'll find he and his family doing something competitive outside or playing games inside. And when that's not happening, you'll find Ryan laying on the couch with his four kids pilled on top of him watching a movie or sporting event.   

    Ryan is a native of Fairborn, OH (just outside Dayton) and is highly athletic, musical, and an avid reader. He ventured to northeast Ohio to play baseball at Kent State University where he met his wife and received his degree from KSU’s School of Technology. Ryan is deeply passionate about serving others with his time, energy, and heart. He loves to inspire and be inspired, especially if coffee, reading, or baseball is involved.