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    As The GiverSarah is supportive of others and a natural teacher. She guides folks toward experiences that will help them learn and grow. If she can’t do something personally, she loves to point people to where they can be helped. Sarah’s also tremendously ambitious and takes charge of situations, although you may not realize that upon your first impression of her. She feels personally responsible for helping to make the world a better place. However, her ambition is not self-serving. She’s an idealist and a catalyst for the potential she sees in others. The thing you will notice right away about Sarah is that she comes close to redefining the term “extrovert.” She’s full of effervescent personality and charisma. If you are intent on remaining in a state of grumpy, you should steer clear of her presence because you simply won’t have the wherewithal to resist the contagion of her smile and joy. Sarah is optimistic, energetic, compassionate, and acutely aware of the feelings and needs of others. And she’s compelled to act in response to the needs she sees.

    As Video Project Manager, Sarah brings high energy and efficiency to Kaulig Media's live production and motion graphics projects. She brings a collaborative and engaging understanding for clients, internal team members, and video talent assets, such as voiceover talent and freelance motion designers. Sarah is relationally-minded and brings the best out of everyone she works with. She combines her experience within a large ad agency environment with her relentless pursuit of excellence and joy in all of life to help raise the water level of the work in our industry.  

    • Extensive project and account management of all account types, including website design & development, motion graphics, managed services, SEO & brand development.
    • Proficiency with open-source content management systems such as Wordpress and Umbraco
    • Experience with creative project management including: scripting, voice talent, and video asset creation
      proficiency with brand cohesion across marketing mediums.

    Sarah was born and raised in NE Ohio, and grew up in the small farming community of Rootstown. It was on the farm where she developed her sense of adventure, work ethic and humility. She currently resides in Highland Square neighborhood in West Akron. She enjoys the outdoors & hiking and if she isn't cooking, then she's photographing her family and friends that are family.