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    Tyler is a Craftsman in his approach to his work. A natural troubleshooter, Tyler enjoys finding the most innovative, efficient and logical solutions to any problem. He loves building both with a computer and his hand; and seeks to understand the mechanics and functionality of the world around him, all in an effort to make life easier for others. He is spontaneous, independent, and practical, and applies these qualities to his work.

    As a Web Developer at Kaulig Media, Tyler feels he is “building puzzle pieces,” and loves the freedom and creativity this process allows. An avid learner, Tyler loved developing new skills from a young age, ranging from soccer and track to the bellaphone. Tyler graduated from the University of Akron in 2016 with a degree in Computer Sciences. As a passionate programmer, he enjoys delving deep into the world of computer science in his free time, as well; most recently, he built a custom budgeting app to manage his personal finances - just for fun! Tyler's experience includes:

    • UI Development: HTML, CSS
    • Script: PHP, Javascript
    • Database: MYSQL, MS SQL
    • Compile: C#
    • Proficient in programming open source platforms such as Wordpress

    He and his wife Jessie reside in Akron Ohio with their lovable dog, Mac.