Private Equity Exit Preparation

If your web presence is lagging behind the rest of your company’s efforts in preparing for your holding period’s exit, we can help.

Growth Oriented Solutions (for Private Equity Owned Portfolio Companies)

There are four areas of need common among growth oriented small-to-medium sized enterprises.

Increase EBITDA

Through our website services we can help your team drive traffic to your website and convert it resulting in vital contributions to your increasing EBITDA efforts. Plus we can streamline digital business systems through integrations such as your website + Salesforce.

Integrate Add-ons

Through our content services, we can help your team merge content from the add-on companies as well as help your team enhance your company culture messaging via your website and videos resulting in smoother personnel transitions into your company.

Attract Talent

Also through our content services we can help your team enhance your company’s culture messaging via your website and videos resulting in more inquiries from prospective talent, especially young talent.

Get Worthwhile Digital Metrics

Through our measurement services, we can help provide your team with valuable metrics in order to help you make well informed decisions about your web presence as well as metrics for your marketing team’s exit presentations.

"It has been a pleasure working with the ipso team as well. I value our partnership and look forward to what 2019 will bring. Thanks for all you do for us!" Kristina Schnepf AWP Chief Commercial Officer
Akron, OH
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Robyn Bardall

Discovery Guide | Business Development

In the first 5 minutes of talking with Robyn, you’ll most likely realize three things:

1. She’s the most warm and welcoming human you’ll ever meet 
2. She’s a careful listener who cares about others 
3. She’s got a great sense of humor, but starts laughing before the words come out.

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Pasadena, CA
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Jon Taylor

Discovery Guide | Pasadena Managing Director

In talking with Jon for the first time, you’ll likely discover the following:

1. He’s a coach at heart and loves discovering how he can help others 
2. He’s drawn to how things work and figuring out how to make things work
3. He doesn’t believe something is lost unless you are looking for it.

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Greenville, SC
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Brent Warwick

Discovery Guide | Leading Director

At first you’ll wonder exactly how old he is, but then you’ll likely discover:

1. He’s intentional and has more travel and life stories than seems possible
2. He’s interested in how business can contribute to the common good
3. He’s actually 44 yrs old despite his appearance.

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