Chapter 7: The Music & Sound FX

Music and sound effects are often the unsung heroes of a motion graphics video project. Great motion design requires great sound design. Never let sound design be an afterthought. The reason video is so effective in engaging viewers is because it appeals to so many of our senses. While our eyes focus on the motion and our minds engage with the story, our hearts are drawn in by the fast paced music of an exciting story, or the dramatic low notes of a brand narrative. Choosing the right music and sound effects is key to the success of your video.


How To Choose The Best Sound Design

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INtro and Outro Music

  • Use a bookends for the video
  • Select the right vibe or tone

Keep the Audience in Mind

  • What is appealing to your audience?
  • Let demographics set the genre

Understand Your Budget

  • Stock music and sound is a good route
  • A custom composer can be expensive

Utilize Music Libraries

  • There are several great sound effects available from online music libraries

Set the right pace

  • Make your selection based on rhythm
  • Utilize pace for highlighting stops/starts

Appeal to the Heart

  • Use dynamics (softer/louder) at the right moments within the motion design
  • Align the sound design with your WHY