Chapter 1: The Why

A lot goes into making an animated motion graphics video, with several moving parts constructing its anatomy. However, there is one singular piece that is more important than the rest, and that part is your WHY. Everything is driven by your WHY. Without this cornerstone piece in place from the beginning, you’ll end up with a wobbly video at best. Even if you design the best animation the world has ever seen, it will still fall flat because the WHY holds everything else together. Your WHY can be anything relating to your business goals, but good practice suggests that it should fall into one of the following categories. Your WHY should be as detailed as possible; the simplest, core idea of why your message matters. Write it down. Memorize it. Never lose sight of it.

Define Your WHY

Telling a Story

To engage with our audience on an emotional and relational level. To share a compelling, personal story.

Building Trust

To demonstrate the brand’s reputation as reliable and trustworthy. To initiate name recognition and to attract and gain loyal followers.

Introducing Something New

To introduce a new product or service to the marketplace. To promote website traffic and conversions for a new ad campaign.

Explaining a Concept

To show the complex nature of what we do in a clear way to instruct our users on how to connect with our services.