Umbraco Media Library Demonstration

Walk through the tools Umbraco offers to manage your website's visuals.


Hi this is Jordan from ipso Creative and in this video we will be exploring the Media Library in Umbraco 8. Let’s dive in.

The Umbraco Media library utilizes a file folder system. On the left is the main navigation of the Media library. All folders and files are displayed here. On the right is the view of the item currently selected. When viewing a folder there are two different ways to display the items within the folder. There is a gallery view that displays a thumbnail of the media items in a grid structure, with sub-folders listed above. And there is a list view that displays all items in a list with basic file information. 

You can bulk edit files by selecting them in either view. Once selected you can move or delete the files. To add files you can drag and drop to upload them within this folder, or you can click to choose files from your computer. You can also create new items directly in a folder by clicking the “Create” dropdown.

There are several things you can do with folders. You can create new items, move or delete the folder, and sort the items within the folder.

There is also a search field which is very helpful for folders containing lots of files.

To view a files information, hover over, and click on the file name. Here you can change the file name, view image dimensions, file size, and type of file. The file size is listed in bytes. You can divide by 1000 to convert the file size to kilobytes. 

If you click on the info tab, you can view and click the image link which opens up the file in a new tab. 

One of the most helpful features of Umbraco Media is the ability to replace a file with an updated version without losing the placement of the file on existing pages, or places the file has already been linked too. Simply click remove file and then click to upload or drag a new file into the upload area. Once chosen click save, and the file has been updated. Again, this process automatically updates the file everywhere it’s already been loaded or linked to, saving you the time of tracking down the old version.

And that is an overview of the Media Library in Umbraco 8.  Check out the description for links to other helpful videos on Umbraco, and thanks for watching.