Responsive Web Design - How

Responsive web design (RWD) isn’t just adapting to different screen sizes, it is so much more.  As far as internet marketing goes, RWD can provide opportunities for a website to adapt to the visitor.  

We all know that content is very important to any website.  However, the user experience of the website is what enables visitors to consume the content by using the device of their choice.  RWD is about providing an optimal user experience no matter where they are.

For example, you can prioritize messaging and content based on the device being used.  A user on a mobile device might have different priority navigation needs than a user of a desktop.  If a user is on a mobile device, the website can prioritize information such as Location or Contact Us.  An optimized and consistent website across devices provides a better experience for the user.  This makes it more likely they will engage with you instead of going elsewhere.