Responsive Web Design - Why

One word - Google.  There are several reasons we can list as to why responsive web design (RWD) matters.  However, the most persuasive reason is that Google says is matters to them - so it should matter to you.

As of April 21, 2015, Google updated their search rankings to factor in the mobile friendliness of your website.  Mobile devices surpassed desktops for internet usage in 2014, and about 60% of total digital media time spent is from smartphones and tablets.  RWD is referred to as an industry best practice by Google and it is their recommended mobile configuration.  Google just wants the best experience for their users and you should too. 

Responsive web design is not just an advantage for consumers, but for the brands as well.  A website using RWD has a higher customer retention.  It allows consumers to surf the internet on the device of their choice with ease, therefore, brand retention is high due to the convenience it provides.