The Motion Graphics Video Process

After creating hundreds of videos for nearly every industry, here’s a behind-the-scenes preview of our 5 step process at Kaulig Media.

Every project begins with questions—a lot of questions—to establish objectives, expectations, and timing in order to create an outline that we call a statement of work (SOW). This determines our project guardrails as we collaborate throughout the rest of the process.  

This is where we collect all the necessary inputs, including: who you’re trying to reach, what you do, how you do it, and why it matters. This helps us understand you and your message, so that we can help others do the same. We then take that information and distill it into a clear, concise script. The script also serves as the roadmap for the voiceover talent. It's important to select professional voiceover talent that works to convey your brand tone.

Based on your brand guidelines, step 3 is about defining the visual style and direction of the video. Here, we develop style frames, which are key scenes that define the visual direction before we begin animation. Style frames are critical to the process and ensure that we are moving in the right direction. 

With messaging and styles set, we are ready to execute. Animation begins to put your story into motion while our team combines a voiceover recording, music, and sound effects to present a first release of the video. After a few rounds of fine tuning the first release, we land on a final approved video that is ready to debut to the world.  

The video files are converted and handed over to your team, or in some cases, we help with deploying the video on your website or landing page, social platforms, or in a digital marketing campaign.  

In the end, you have a beautiful and engaging video that is concise, memorable, and effective.