Types of Motion Graphics Videos

Not all videos are created equal. 

When it comes to creating videos for your brand, product, service, message, or business, you have to start with a foundation question to determine what type of video you actually need.

That question is: What are you communicating, and why?

The answer to this question will help you define your overall goal and purpose for the video. Then you will be able to hone in on the right style or type of video which come in three general categories: 

Brand Video :30-:45

Brand videos are for quick branding engagements such as broadcast spots and teasers. This format is best used for overall brand pieces aimed at name recognition and overall brand position statements or value propositions.

Explainer Video :45-:90 

These types of videos are for most slightly longer engagements where the viewer may not understand a concept, product, or service. This format is best used for distilling complex or high volume content into a simple and clear presentation.

Instructional Video :90+ 

Instructional videos are for deep engagements with viewers. This format is best used for longer form storytelling where the content is compelling and engaging enough to warrant such duration. Typically, the target audience has previously engaged with the brand or needs to delve into instructional information. 


Each type of video serves its purpose well and is driven by the goals set for the video content, which is why you always have to start with the question: what are you communicating, and why? Kaulig Media specializes in taking your idea, business, or brand and putting its story in motion. So, whether you have a message to share, a product to promote, or a brand to expand, we can help.