We Are Living in a "Video-First" World

The average user spends 88% more time on your website when a video is present. 

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Online video is changing the way businesses or brands communicate with clients and customers, and it's changing the way we communicate with each other. Because of this shift, we are now living in what some call a "video-first" world. Consumers are becoming increasingly familiar with video, especially on mobile platforms. It helps drive their purchasing decisions, and exponentially increases brand awareness and loyalty. So, whether your goal is to sell products, communicate a brand, explain a process, introduce a concept, push an initiative, or share what it is that you do, the absolute best way to do that is to tell a story through video.

The bottom line is this:

Your customers are hungry for video, and it's up to you to give them what they want.

Live video production is just what it sounds like. It is video created with live production to capture and tell stories about products, locations, brands, instructional how-to's, or can be interview driven. Motion graphic elements can also be mixed in with live video production process to bring another dimension to the final product. Here are some examples of live video productions our video production company has created for our clients:  

"I am just thrilled -- this video captured [CVCA's] heart and message in a poignant, artistic, direct and professional way. We think the world of the work Kaulig Media did, and if anyone were to ask us who made the video -- we'll be proud to say you guys." Jason Spodnik President of CVCA

Our Video Production Process

1. Discovery 

We explore the ins and outs of your brand, your story, your product, your process, to find out what it is that makes it tick. We take a lot of notes and ask a lot of questions. 

2. Distillation

Once we find the heart and soul of your message we do the hard work of distilling it down into a concise, memorable, and effective message. This is our favorite part, and it's the most important part too. 



3. Scripting

Once we distill it down, we put pen to paper and create a compelling and engaging script for the video. This also includes creating any form of narrative or storyline associated with an interview-style video.  

4. Pre-Production

With the script approved, our creative team is hard at work creating moodboards, storyboards, and motion graphics samples that will set the tone, mood, and style for your video.

5. Production

During the video production process, your video begins to take shape. Motion graphics animation is designed, video is shot, editing takes place, sound effects are added, music is layered in. This is where the magic happens. 

6. Release

With video production complete, your video is ready to be released and handed off to you to share with the world.