Both / And

Sometimes we need to remind each other to look for the “both/and” rather than focusing on the "either/or."
Our framework often revolves around the latter. What if we’re not seeing the larger picture and it’s actually a both/and scenario.
What if it's both...
Profit and People
Beauty and Functionality
Business and Pleasure 
Imagination and Intention
Ideas and Execution
Life and Work
Growth and Attention to Detail
Action and Contemplation
Beer and Whiskey
Unity and Diversity
Purpose and Whimsy
Yeses and Nos
Dreaming and Doing
Performance and Caring
Framed in a similar way by Barrett Brooks:
"...the fastest path to losing your way is to base decisions on only one scale. In other words: high performance, or not...This creates a seesaw effect.
The alternative is to use two balancing factors… For example: performance and caring. This creates another plane of balance, with it being possible to be both empathetic (caring) and highly talented (performance)."
Trust in your creativity, resourcefulness, and grit to make it "both/and."