Build Traction Through Collaboration

Things like brand platforms, manifestos, and culture codes are great first steps in defining who you are as an organization, what you value, and how those values inform how you feel, sound, and look as an organization. These "shared purpose" documents are powerful starting points in building a meaningful brand experience and casting the vision for your team.

These things, while great, can still keep you too much the clouds and never truly work themselves out in a practical way in your daily operations and culture. The last thing you want is to spend the energy and resources creating something that just sits up on Google Drive and grow weeds. 

One powerful tactic to help mitigate this, and truly create buy-in is to involve people in the process of building this cultural collateral. Invite your playmakers and challenge your leaders to have an active hand in crafting these cultural products. 

This creates a shared sense of ownership among your most valued humans. It helps create proud ambassadors of your brand and culture, both internally and in the marketplace.

Because we often discover what we believe in the course of actively articulating it, what better way than to have a cultural "task force" of sorts collaboratively capturing who you are and who you want to become as an organization?

Build buy-in and traction through collaboration.


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