Don't Leave Your Culture To Chance: Model & Train to Educate & Forge A Culture You're Proud Of


Don’t assume people know how to "do culture" well.

Culture happens (good or bad), and without intentionally creating the proper environment of shared values and purpose, you open yourself to simply having a mediocre culture (or worse).

Training and on-boarding your new (and used) team members on “this is how we do it here” is crucial.

Now, practically, this shouldn't look like a mandate as much as an invitation—an invitation to live into your ideal culture. An invitation which empowers and challenges your team to steward well the power they each have in crafting and living into this culture. 

Yes, "trainings" may not be the most efficient use of time, but I promise you, the evidence is showing that culture and purpose and mission matter deeply to win in business.

You may get some indifference or complaints. Stay the course. Know that there will always be folks who can't be bothered by this type of woo-woo stuff. But rest assured, this stuff matters.


If your sole purpose in your business is to make money, then this won't matter. But if we truly want to create places of work where humans flourish — which, if you're still reading, chances are you do — then this is important work.

Approaching this stuff intentionally is not only the right thing to do, it's a strategic thing to do as well. Culture is a massive competitive advantage, and it pays to model and train the same way we train employees in other aspects of their work.

Not only does this helps galvanize long term direction and vision, but also solidarity, organizational trust, continuity and transparency. All of which flow to the bottom line by building long-term engagement among your team (lower turnover, ability to attract top talent) and creating raving fans of your customers (as more people want to put their money in endeavors with purpose and care).


While formal training is important, at the end of the day we are social learners. Seeing culture and values and purpose modeled well by leadership will trump any workshop every day of the week. All the training won't help if we're not modeling our values well. We as leaders have a crucial obligation and responsibility to model the culture well ("BE about it" remember).


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