How To Build a More Intentional Culture: Balance Action & Contemplation

There is a tension between "action" and "contemplation" that we work hard to balance well.

Our lead partner Brent Warwick says, “If beauty and freedom and culture truly matter to us, then...well that means a lot of things, starting with taking the time to consider our purpose. Genuinely ask the question 'why' until we get to the root of our underlying intentions.”

Recipe for intentionality: mix equal parts action and contemplation, a splash of bitters, and garnish with an orange peel.

In order to challenge the conventional understandings of the purpose of business, we need more than just action. We must balance our action with contemplation, and vice versa. This Action-Contemplation balancing results in intentionality.

Thoughtless action is folly and may eventually undermine your ability to make wise decisions. It hinders your ability to be effective. Yet, contemplation with no action will never result in anything meaningful because nothing is actually being done with that contemplation— no impact will be had, no meaningful connection will be made, no momentum will be gained. This is why it is a creative tension we must strike, and a question to live.

We believe intentionality is closely tied to having a purpose.

At Kaulig Media, our leaders have spelled out exactly what we believe about how profit, sustainability, culture, and purpose all fit together:

Profit is merely a component of a company's sustainability. And sustainability is merely a component of a company's culture. And a businesses culture is merely a component of a company's purpose. And that brings us to what we, here at Kaulig Media, believe about our purpose.

We believe that the purpose of business is to help humans flourish.

Purpose and Intention are quite synonymous. To have purpose is to have intention. Our recipe for intentional business building and human flourishing is rooted in purpose, and it takes intentionality (balancing equal parts decisive action with equal parts deep contemplation) to fulfill our purpose.