It's just a rental

When I moved from Akron to Los Angeles, I went from being a home owner to being a landlord. I also went from living in the house I own to one that I rent. They both have the same basic attributes - 4 walls, roof, kitchen, etc. - but something in me wants to treat my rental property with less care than I treated the home that I own. 

It seems like everything changes when we own something. We can either own our cars, homes, roles, and even entire value systems for ourselves, or they can be rented from someone else.

When we own something, we tend to care about it more, in part because we are motivated differently. We think about the long term impact of our daily choices. Our activities represent stewardship rather than consumption. When we own something, we will make sacrifices to preserve it. 

How does that apply to your career? Does your role limit your feeling of purpose? Do you truly care about and invest in the brands, products, or ideas that you are working on, or are you simply working for a paycheck?

There is a big difference between stewardship and consumption. Sometimes the activities in your life don't need to change, but rather the responsibility you feel toward the sustainability and growth of what has been trusted to your care may need to increase. You'll soon notice when your perspective shifts, everything will begin to change.

You may actually stop dreading Monday mornings...