Trust Allows Open Hands

We maintain diligence within our organization and in the service of others. We call this discipline. We approach our work life and personal life similarly, with character. There are many high character ipsonians, each bringing something different to the table. Each also holds their own dreams. Our leadership fosters a culture of creativity, freedom, and encouragement to pursue dreams.

Our culture is a bit paradoxical. Trust has been intentionally instilled and carefully preserved. Openness and communication are key ingredients that allow ipsonians the freedom to be transparent with leadership about our dreams and our side hustles. You’ll hear from any of the partners:


ONE OF ipsoCreative’s goals is to help each ipsonian figure out more of who they are, and that may look like going and doing something else.



Having an open-handed mentality and putting the person before the company is paradoxical.

Many of the ipsonians have side hustles or are working towards their dreams.

  • Liz started Encourage Co.
  • Sarah uses photography to empower women to feel beautiful.
  • Lauren is solving the lack of allergy conscious baked goods in Greenville, SC.
  • Daniela freelances doing graphic design.
  • Robyn creates wreaths for wall-mounted animals to connect with her husband’s hunting hobby.
  • Vince teaches through atlMBA.
  • Tyler builds model aircrafts using his 3D printer.
  • Brent helping makers flourish through Parcel Market.
  • Sandy uses photography to capture emotions and precious moments in different seasons of her client’s lives.
  • Josh taught at Kent State University.

The leadership has invested in the personal development of each ipsonian in the hopes of making better humans. The ability for the ipsonians to be vulnerable with our bosses is strange to an outsider, but with trust in place, we ask “why wouldn’t we?”

---- Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash