Delight is in the detail

Having a strong sense of who you are organizationally - what you stand for, why you choose the words, the colors, the customers you do - all adds up to how well you delight people. In a world where high performance and solid service are no longer the exception, but the rule, delighting others is key.

Thus, if one of the primary focuses and competitive advantages (and simply right way to do things) is delighting those you serve - then we must be focused on design. Because delight is in the detail.

One would expect that to a creative web agency, design is gospel. We shamelessly propagate the importance of beautiful design - in building your company, your story, your brand.

Beautiful design is simply a means of doing what we naturally do as humans. It communicates and amplifies a message. Hopefully our message is one of trust, service, confidence, and dignity.

We pride ourselves on re-humanizing an industry which in many cases lacks transparency, honesty, and delightfulness.

We believe great design builds trust.

Design magnifies that which is matterful.

Design is how we tell the meaningful stories of organizations looking to move people “higher up and deeper in” and ultimately create true raving fans (not just customers).

What is the value of design in building a brand and growing your business?

As we’ve mentioned before, the intangibles of great design and a delightfully cohesive brand experience rarely flow straight to the revenue line on your income statement. Yet, they most certainly make up the substance and texture of who you are. And your tribe can most certainly sense if you lack these intangibles.

So what is the value of delighting your tribe through attention to detail and design?

Well, that’s like asking Marcus Mumford the value of a microphone. Or asking Shepard Fairey the value of a canvas. Or asking James Cameron the value a camera.

The answer will rarely be a surefire number. But think to a time when you've been overwhelmed, inspired, encouraged, or even felt transcendent after interacting with a brand, and you know the value.

We've all been there.

Delight is in the detail. Don't forget it.