What to Expect During a Custom Website Design Project

We are often asked the question “What should I expect?” during a custom website design and development project. The short answer: no two projects are exactly the same. The ipso team is here to help you navigate the process every step of the way. We guide you to reframe problems as opportunities, and to use design, content management systems and other technology solutions to solve your business problems.  We relentlessly pursue sustainable and efficient website solutions to support both your marketing teams, IT teams and ultimately provide an effective front-end user experience for your customers.

We asked Reggie Connaughton, Digital Marketing Coordinator and proud Myers Briggs ENFP, to describe her experience:

“This was my first website build. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that we had a big project ahead. We were merging three websites, adding a lot of content for existing pages, and adding completely new content, features, and functionality elsewhere. It was not a small project by any means. However, ipso made it easy and even painless.

They are so organized with their project management that they keep things moving along. They communicate when they need something from you. They even came on site to train with us. We had weekly calls for the entire project. They incorporate pretty much everything that we asked for. There were a few things that we thought we wanted one way but it wasn’t until they were live and functioning that we realized another way might be better.  (And some of them took time to build out the way that we wanted.) They were wonderful to work with here too.

We also wanted to implement another program, called SiteImprove, that detected errors on the site for compliance purposes. They were very interested in the software and the process. They asked to have their own accounts to use through the QA process. They addressed most of the findings before we could get to them. Then they marked the ones that we needed to either handle on our own or QA. They researched everything we asked for and did their best to make it happen. (And if they were ever irritated with us they never let us know. Haha. They were always in great spirits.)

Even when it came down to hosting, we ended up going with a local vendor and some of their responsibilities overlapped with ones identified in ipso’s contract. Carrie asked if they could review our support contract with the host so that they could modify theirs appropriately, clearing up any potential confusion about support between two vendors, and also saving us money.

I can’t say enough positive things about ‘The ipsonians’ and we are just as thrilled with our finished site. Seriously, there is so much to love! –Check it out for yourself!”

At ipso, we love what we do. The actual work - the gritty, tiring, stressful work - we love it, and it brings us a collective sense of fulfillment and joy. But ultimately, underneath all that work is a foundational belief that business exists for the common good, the flourishing of individuals and communities.  

We are so grateful that this intentionality is felt by our clients.

Additionally, Paula Milsted, Director of Marketing said:

“Working with the ipso team was like working with co-workers. They were a great culture fit for us, and this made the website build fun and as easy as a website build could be. At the beginning, they took the time to get to know us by interviewing stakeholders beyond our website team, so that we were able to stay on the same page throughout the build. The team was always open to our comments and suggestions and would recommend better or different solutions to get us to our end goal. They have a great process and kept us on track to launch within our timeframe. The Ipsonians are great people with a great company!”

Read the full Chesapeake Bank case study and check out the website. And if you’re ever in the Northern Neck of Virginia, please visit your local Chesapeake Bank community branch.

At ipso, we enjoy a good process almost as much as a good cup of coffee. To learn more about our web design & development process - and how we can partner with you to craft a flexible, solution-oriented website for your company or organization, contact the team.