Elements of Scale

A small sticky note sits on the left side of my computer desktop that says: "Logo & Laptop." 

The note is a reminder of a guy I met once in the mountains of the Dominican Republic named Mario who built an impressive marketing and creative agency by self-designing a logo, commandeering his brother’s laptop, and going ‘door to door’ looking for work from corporations around the West Indies.

He did this while simultaneously becoming a renowned wildlife photographer whose stunning photographs can be found in various publications across the globe...oh yea, and he's done this all before his mid-thirties.

Sounds easy enough. [apply: thick layer of sarcasm]

The Logo & Laptop note reinforces that we can execute on big, audacious ideas by surrounding ourselves with amazing humans, utilizing the insanely powerful technology we have (or borrow), predicated on some good old fashioned hard work (and maybe a few good Old Fashioneds). 

At the end of the day, without execution - ideas are essentially worthless.

You've probably heard that success leaves clues. In this case: To build, to grow, to scale - hustle.  

Hard work.