Three Most Powerful Words

I am sorry.

Three very powerful words.

Not, "I'm sorry, but..."

Just, "I'm sorry."

Once you add in the contingent "but," we immediately forget everything you've said before it.

Other three word power stacks that are rarely ever fun to use but are incredibly effective (and also rendered useless with the "but"):

"I hear you."

"Please forgive me."

Different combinations of these power phrases layered with copious amounts of listening can create an extremely effective salve that can remedy even the worst wrongs. Of course, having to use these words all the time may be a symptom of deeper issues within your methods.

Followed and backed by appropriate actions, these words can make your tribe feel seen, heard, known, and loved. Like many things in business (and life) it's these small things that often drive big impact.

Stay humble Brave Ones.