Is social media overrated?

It is all too easy to feel a sense of FOMO when building your business or your brand because of the variety of large platforms you *could* be focusing on. 

Sticking to the fundamentals of successful business building is the recipe for winning. Doubling down on proven (yet often scary) tactics and strategies are the true blueprint to success—things like making more sales calls, providing immense value, following up, handwritten and thoughtful thank yous, and seeking ways to delighting your customers throughout their experience of your brand or service. 

As James Clear reminded usold ideas are undervalued” because "what we fail to understand is that the fundamentals are not merely a collection of good ideas. The fundamentals are a collection of good ideas that outlasted thousands of bad ideas." 

“...sometimes the creative thing to do is to actually practice the fundamentals more consistently than everyone else.”

— James Clear

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, creating for yourself a solid foundation and platform, then you can creatively expand from there.

From a brand equity standpoint, social media can be very powerful. Social media—when wielded effectively—can be a massive force in your ability to market and grow your brand presence in the world.

Arguably, it is still limited. As our own Brent Warwick noted in a recent Upstate Business Journal article:

"Don’t buy into the hype of social media. It’s not a panacea for a brand’s survival or expansion. Be cautious and perform your due diligence in determining what might make sense for your brand’s digital marketing efforts, especially in the B2B realm...Lasting brands have compelling narratives. Tell that story whether that’s via social media or not. Don’t assume you are missing the boat because of a lack of social media investment.” 

Be self-aware enough to know when you are using social media as a way to hide from producing work that matters.

Leverage this self-awareness and the appropriate social platforms to help build brand equity, connect with other playmakers, be generous, and spread your ideas. 

But beware if you find yourself expecting social media efforts to drive millions in sales over more fundamental biz dev channels.