Soco Hammocks

With the miserable veil of gray that has tends to descend on NE Ohio in the winter months, we at the Akron office started daydreaming of using our Soco Hammocks on warmer, sunnier days.  We took this image from their website to show you what's in our dream.

Our friends, the Scarboroughs and the Busters, started SoCo Hammocks as a labor of love and they are doing what many people merely talk about.  And we love them for that (along with a ton of other reasons for why they are amazing!).  Take a moment to check out their story and buy a hammock for yourself, someone you love, your college student (not that they don't qualify as someone you love), or that nomad who visits you from time to time and then roams the earth in between those visits.

Soco Hammocks: Our mission is to empower the poor through nonprofit partnerships, paying fair wages, and delivering on our promise of superior quality, high performance, durable products. So join us, kick back and give back in a SoCo Hammock!