Togetherness Brings Continuity, Continuity Brings 'More'

Having a sense of place can bring people together and foster a shared sense of curiosity, collaboration, and serendipity to help you win as a business.

A purposefully crafted physical environment helps employees feel well cared for, clients experience your hospitality, and inspires imagination and creativity, and excellence in all.

Togetherness brings Continuity

Yet space, as highly as we regard it, is simply a means for togetherness. The practice of togetherness is a largely undervalued competitive advantage in business today (especially in the web and tech world). 

Certainly having focused time alone is valuable—even key—to producing meaningful work. Yet if you become too isolated and too remote, you rob yourself of the value (and delight) of this continuity which has been shown to help your team problem solve, innovate, cultivate discipline, and foster accountability.

Continuity Brings ‘More'

Togetherness builds continuity which ultimately results in more effectiveness, more efficiency, and more engagement in your organization’s purpose. 

Technology is amazing, don’t get me wrong; we love it. It allows us to go anywhere in the world with a computer or phone while still connecting and producing meaningful work.

But don’t forget the value of togetherness.