Photography Services

A considered investment that makes a big impact.

Images tell stories and each brand has a story to tell. Photography is an agile, powerful communication tool. Custom photography can change the energy of your website, while also adding to your overall asset library. Photography can help your brand communicate authenticity, build trust, and help enhance the legitimacy of your product or company.

Ipso Creative Bio Headshot Collage

Bio Headshots

Who should be photographed?

It’s a question each brand must answer for themselves. Once you determine the ‘who,’ we are here to help. We can photograph each employee or establish a style that can be replicated for national or global employees. You will look sharp with visual consistency from bio profiles to social media to trade shows to print collateral.

BMF Signage On Outside Of Office Building

Office Environmental Images

Looking to be more transparent?

Do you have a space that is aesthetically beautiful and a vibrant culture to match? Perhaps you have an industry-leading manufacturing facility that needs showcased. People are curious and want to see your environment or operation. Depending on your website structure, we can photograph with specific pages in mind, showcasing the very best.

Modern Forestry Soy Candles Group Shot On Distressed Rustic Wood Table

Product Photography

What about that new product launch?

Whether your new line features innovative residential siding, travel pillows, a drinking water solutions system, or a creative soy candle line, we are here for that too. Perhaps you need a stylized product shoot or functional shots for products on your e-commerce website. Kaulig Media can help you identify the various angles needed and set up the photoshoot in the most streamlined way possible.

Kauligmedia Events 375X250 (1)

Event Photography

Consider including a Kaulig Media professional photographer at your next event to help capture high-quality images of your team, your culture, and your event in action. Live event photography can complement other video production activities as a valuable member of the event-day crew.

Woman Optimizing Image On Laptop For The Web

Web Photography Best Practices

  • The photographer and designer should collaborate during pre-production to have a good understanding of how images will be used within the design. Nobody wants to end up with a square image that won’t fit the horizontal banner space needed.
  • Light matters - we bring in the necessary equipment to capture your environment in its absolute best light.
  • Images should be optimized for web prior to adding to the CMS platform. JPEG files compressed for web are recommended.