Promotional Products

Kaulig Media Promotional Products 

We are proud to serve major brands in Sports and Entertainment, Consumer Home Products, Health Services, Legal, Accounting, Hospitality and other leading companies in the Northeast Ohio area and beyond. Our talented team of merchandise experts are poised to tackle your brand's biggest challenges. 

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Promotional Products,  What We Do

Kaulig Media Promotional Products team works with you to understand your mission and how to best extend your brand through custom merchandise products. We have a full team of designers, sourcing agents, project managers, and customer service personnel to not only help you figure out your “Why" but to be there every step of the way from idea generation to sampling, product creation, revisions, and final delivery of goods and beyond.

Once your merchandise program’s first stages are complete, we stay with you to make sure all expectations have been met on both quality of products and the deliverables you received. Kaulig Media goes the extra distance to be a true marketing partner for all of your promotional product and merchandise needs. 

  • Apparel Design
  • Hard Goods
  • Private Label Collections 
  • Trade Show Products
  • Marketing Products
  • Textile and Wearables
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Our Process, How We Do It

We begin the process of crafting tangible goods that include the logo, marks, colors and personality of each client by asking questions:

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • Who will be receiving these goods?
  • How do you want your recipients to feel when they receive the goods?
  • How will individuals receive the goods: a trade show giveaway, self-promo, online sales, etc. 

For apparel, creating unique items that reflect your brand may mean utilizing innovative appliqué materials to bring your company’s trademarks to life on retail inspired garments. Or, creating a private label collection of wearables that can be purchased by your team or clients on your own eCommerce site. At Kaulig Media, we have the talent, experience and resources to craft tailor made experiences for you.

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Product Review and Ordering Made Simple

Kaulig Media's infrastructure is built on the back of industry leading software applications, making it easier for us to present products and ideas to you and condensing the delivery timeframe. We have partnered with every major supplier of apparel and hard goods and can easily turn your ideas into a robust ordering portal for both you and your clients.

Our Clients | Who We Serve

Our roster of clients includes some of the top brands in the country—serving major players in Sports and Entertainment, Consumer Home Products, Health Services, Legal, Accounting, Hospitality and just about every vertical in the Northeast Ohio area and beyond

Promotional merchandise has the power to turn the mundane into iconic. Jeff Thompson Director of Promotional Merchandise