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What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short, animated video that has the sole purpose of explaining a complex or sophisticated idea in a clear and concise way. It quickly grabs the viewer's attention and explains what you do and why it matters.

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What are the Benefits of an Explainer Video?

There are several benefits of having an animated explainer video. If you are struggling to get your point across, or if you have a complex or sophisticated product or service, an explainer video can help you:

  • Get your point across in a matter of seconds
  • Give your audience a reason to connect
  • Increase conversions and time-on-page
  • Boost brand awareness

Explainer Videos Increase User Engagement and Time-on-Page

Studies have shown that landing pages with explainer videos get an 88% increase in time on page. They also get an 80% increase in conversion rates. That’s because your website visitors are more likely to click “play” than they are to read three paragraphs of static copy. Putting your message into an explainer video helps your audience understand what you do in a fast, simple, and fun way.

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Why Should Explainer Videos be Short?

Similar to an elevator pitch, you often have less than a minute to share your idea with someone. If you’re struggling to clarify your message in a way that can be communicated in 60 seconds, we can help. Our team can guide you through a discovery process to develop your message, create a script, and produce a stunning video that is 60-90 seconds in length. This way, your audience understands what you do and why it matters.


What is the Process for Creating an Explainer Video?

When you work with Kaulig Media on a explainer video project, you can expect to work with a highly creative and remarkably intentional team of video professionals. We work with you to develop a project budget, timeline, and statement of work that outlines a comprehensive process:

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