Instructional Videos

What are Instructional Videos?

An instructional video is a great way to educate and inform your audience about a product or service. With an instructional video you can unpack a big idea, demonstrate a how-to, or educate in a fresh new way.


Who Should Use an Instructional Video?

If you’re concerned with how your product should be used, or struggling to demonstrate a new service in a clear way, an instructional video can help you. Instructional videos are perfect for businesses or brands that desire to educate their audience, promote themselves as a thought leader, or establish themselves as an industry expert.


There are Several Kinds of Instructional Videos

Instructional videos play a vital role in building trust and credibility. They show you care about your audience because you’ve taken the time to inform and educate them about a topic. Whether live production or animated motion graphics, we can help you develop a strategy for creating any type of instructional video.

  • How-to Videos
  • Installation Videos
  • Demo Videos
  • Instructional Video Series

What is the Process for Creating an Instructional Video?

When you work with Kaulig Media on an instructional video project, you can expect to work with a highly creative and remarkably intentional team of video professionals. We work with you to develop a project budget, timeline, and statement of work that outlines a comprehensive process:

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