Interview Videos

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An interview video is a style of video that captures a person sharing a story, a testimonial, a case study, or basic information in a question and answer format. These videos are great for establishing credibility, trust, and brand awareness.


What Is an Interview Video?

Interview videos feature a subject matter expert or an authority figure within an organization speaking candidly to an interviewer who or may or may not be included in the frame. In contrast to a scripted video, the person addresses the interviewer, not the camera itself, and therefore comes across as authentic, raw, and unscripted.


Why Should You Choose an Interview Video?

Sometimes, the best way to get your point across is to tell a story or share about an experience. Interview videos can provide the context for you to do that, and they are powerful when they are personal. If you have a dynamic personality within your organization, giving them the opportunity to share info about the company in “their own words” goes a long way in reaching your audience.

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