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Show-Don't Tell

You want your product to stand out, to be noticed, to be understood. So, how do you share your product in a noisy world where consumers are easily distracted, quick to scroll, and often skeptical of new things? You show them a video.

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Video Helps Explain Your Product 

Your product is great and you know it. However, consumers might not “get it” yet. Consumers engage when they feel as if they understand both how a product works and how it will bring value to their lives. If they are confused or uncertain about how great your product is and how it helps them, they won’t buy. A video can help you explain your product clearly, quickly, and powerfully, in a way that tugs on a viewer's emotions.


Video Helps Your Product Stand Out

Our world is noisy. Consumers are bombarded with messages and ads all day long about this and that and everything in between. How will your product stand out among the competition? Having a product video can help you rise above the noise and communicate in way that is interesting, quick, and concise—three things that consumers love. 


Video Helps Persuade Buyers

When consumers click the “buy now” button, they are acting on an emotional level. They’ve made the decision in their mind and feel as if their life will be better off with what you’re providing. What makes your product so good? Why does it matter? What value does it provide? How will it help? Why is it unique? These are the questions your consumers want answered, and we can help you show them with a new video. 


What is the Process for Creating a Product Video?

When you work with Kaulig Media on a product video project, you can expect to work with a highly creative and remarkably intentional team of video professionals. We work with you to develop a project budget, timeline, and statement of work that outlines a comprehensive process:

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