3D Animation

New Worlds Come to Life

3D animation software has the power to make you stand out from the competition by making sophisticated new worlds come to life. If you can imagine it, it can be created in a 3D animation video. Objects, items, shapes, and characters can provide a whole new perspective with 3D animation.

3D Animation

What is 3D Animation?

You know it when you see it, but 3D animation is defined as animation that is created with software to make shapes, models, and environments with textures, depth, lighting, and other effects. 2D animation is considered a “flat” medium, but 3D modeling and rendering allows you achieve effects that are impossible with 2D. Often times it seems as if the camera is moving around the screen and its objects have depth.


Why Do I Need a 3D Animated Video?

If you have a complex idea, a technical product, or a concept that requires visual depth and perspective, a 3D animated video might be just right for you. These videos certainly take more time and skill to design, create, and render, but the increased sophistication is often worth it in the long run. Your goal is to tell your story in a ways that are memorable and effective, and sometimes, 3D animation is the best way to do that.