Live Production Video

Bring Stories to Life

Live production videos excel at bringing the human element to the forefront in compelling and inspiring ways. Their ability to communicate emotion, relationships and expression outperforms videos done with animation alone. Motion graphics provides the benefits of flexibility and imagination, but sometimes you simply cannot convey your message in any other way than with real life.

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When Should You Use Live Production Video?

While motion graphics animation is ideal for explaining and showing complex concepts and ideas in simple ways, live production video is best for showing the deeply human aspects of life or business. Sometimes, the best way to share the value of your story is by showing a real-life person, product, place, or service in action. The human element doesn’t come through when you use animation alone. This works well for capturing testimonials, facility tours, product demonstrations, interviews, events, or b-roll of nature or human interactions.

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What Does Live Production Video Require?

Unlike strictly animated videos where a single animator creates an environment with software on this computer, live production video requires much more effort and personnel. Typically, a team of people is needed on the days of shooting to help capture what is needed. This can include a director, a producer, lighting and sound crews, make-up crews, food stylists, and other support members.

In addition to a team, live production video often requires extensive pre-production planning to coordinate locations, props, talent, and equipment. Once footage is captured, there is still work to be done with post-production editing before a final live production video is done. There are certainly a lot of things that go into producing a live production video, but the end result is always worth it.


Real People With Real Stories

Whether you know it or now, your audience is craving to see real people in real action sharing real stories. We are wired as humans to relate to one another in genuine, authentic ways. When your audience sees themselves immersed in your story–relating to your brand, product, or service in a way that tugs at their heart—that is when the magic happens. If you’ve been struggling to share your story online in a way that truly connects with your customers or clients, a live production video just might be the best fit for you.

"There were many activities leading up to the shoot date, including pre-production meetings, casting calls and location scouts. I can’t say enough about the quality of the team that was assembled." Christine Filosa Chief Marketing Officer | Safe Systems

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