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Concise, Memorable, and Effective Storytelling

More and more companies are relying on video to communicate via the web. That’s because they understand what their audience wants. Video is dominating the web today because it’s the most compelling, memorable, and efficient way to tell stories and communicate your message.

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What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphic videos utilize text, shapes, icons, illustrations, and graphics to communicate ideas in an abstract way. We like to say that a great motion graphics video is one that distills complex ideas down into simple, concise graphics that tells a good story. These can be 2D or 3D animation, and even include photography, screen shots, or live images, but the focus is on connecting ideas to animations in order to communicate a message quickly and effectively to your audience.

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What are the elements of a Motion Graphics Video? 

Learn what elements make a great video. Our ebook breaks down the anatomy of a motion graphics video so you can see how the elements converge together to tell your brand story in a unique, concise, and memorable way!

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Can you Match the Video to Our Brand?

Because we’re working solely with illustrations, text, and motion design, we can create a motion graphics environment that matches your brand identity and guidelines. The video can be an extension of your brand color, logo, tone, and style, no matter how unique and specific the requirements. The most important things will always come through: your identity and your message.

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Videos That Every Company Needs

The greatest thing about a motion graphics video is the flexibility and options you have for the type, style, and length. Regardless of your industry, brand requirements, or the desired length, there is a motion graphic video type for you. These range from explainer videos to product videos, to social videos, to brand videos and more.

Types of Videos

"Your team took a vague idea and a series of sketches and turned it into a portfolio of beautiful, professional graphics we are going to brag about and show off as much as possible for the foreseeable future." Laura Stringer Penny Arcade | Event Coordinator

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