Story Development

Your Audience Wants to Relate to Your Story

Storytelling is the language in which all humans are fluent. We love stories, and whether you’re providing a product, a service, or an idea, your customers won’t be buying what you’re selling if they can’t relate to your story.


Sharing Your Story Through Video

Statistics tell us that online users love video more than anything else. They can’t get enough of it. And, according to Cisco, 80% of all Internet traffic in 2019 will be video-related content. That’s crazy, isn’t it!? The bottom line is this: video is the most preferred method of communication on the web today. It’s the easiest, most compelling way to share your brand story with your audience.


What is Story Development?

The secret to successful marketing campaigns is simple: your customer should be the hero of the story, not your brand. Story development extracts the value your business brings to your customer’s lives and turns it into a compelling narrative. Any good narrative has a hero (the customer), a conflict, a guide (your brand), and a path that leads to either success or failure.

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How to Create a Narrative

There are a few ways to effectively shape your narrative to share with your audience. If you don’t have a defined narrative, we can help you develop it through a guided brand platform process. If you already have a narrative, we collaborate with you to develop your story in ways to share via the web—either through a script for a video or through content for your website.

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Why Work with Kaulig Media?

Our ultimate goal with our clients is to help them tell their brand stories on the web in ways that help others flourish. In the process, they themselves flourish, and we love having a front row seat when it happens.

"The video content hit the right mark both in terms of tone, content, and target audience. We’ve only just built a base platform and story, but the quality of the message and the product are paying dividends." Mike Madden Director of Business Development & Marketing at Qora Cladding