Consumer Product Websites

Agencies With Experience in Consumer Product Websites

If you are a brand manager or director of marketing for consumer products, you know that being positioned well online and providing relevant content to your target audience makes all the difference. And finding collaborative partners who have actual experience with national brands is more difficult than you might think given the enormous volume of agencies out there.


Websites for Consumer Products

We’ve worked with numerous consumer brands so we know first hand how the market is continually evolving, often demanding the newest innovations and trends on the web. Consumer eCommerce or Product Catalog websites that direct users to retailers require technical expertise, proactive search engine optimization (SEO), variance testing, conversion optimization, and continually evolving content that is relevant to consumers. It’s not an easy thing. And the amount of white noise online and in people’s daily lives makes standing out even more difficult.


Videos for Consumer Products

Fresh video content on the web continues to be a proven strategy for introducing your consumer product to new audiences or to remind your existing customers why you to matter to them. Videos that focus on features & benefits as well as lifestyle videos that showcase products in context are proven video types. But with iPhones and easy to use video editing features, it’s more and more challenging for Product Videos to stand out. One way is incorporate motion graphic overlays on production footage in ways that amateurs simply can’t mimic.


Why Experience with Consumer Product Websites Matters?

While trends in the Consumer Products realm change at a rapid pace, especially when it comes to the latest trick on social media, there are certain foundational aspects to understanding how to present Consumer Products on the web that are learned through experience. For instance, how to import, maintain, and modify products and product catalogs as well as how to craft a UX that provides access to detailed product information for those looking for it, while distilling it to its most salient points for those who are browsing.


Things to Keep in Mind When Presenting Your Consumer Product on the Web

Product catalogs and eCommerce websites are complex. And with the ever-increasing white noise online, it’s harder and harder to stand out. But one of the best ways is to have a comprehensively thought-out site that pays careful attention to a user’s journey as well as the little details that give them confidence. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Pay careful attention to the Architecture Phase of your product catalog or eCommerce. The more effort you invest up front, the better the project will go through the QA process and preparation for deployment.
  • For product catalogs and eCommerce, comprehensive product data validation is vital but its complexity is often underestimated.
  • If Finding a Retailer from your website is a part of your go to market strategy, then pay careful attention that the UX of your site makes it as easy as possible for the user to find exactly where they need to go to find exactly what they are looking for.
  • And if you sell through Retailers but don’t have a Retailer portal or haven’t paid much attention to the UX of it, you should consider making that a priority.