Manufacturing Websites

Agencies With Experience in Manufacturing Websites

If you are a product manager or director of marketing for a manufacturing company, you know that industry specific terminology is challenging for outsiders to initially understand and that requires them to invest a significant amount of time and effort to understand your particular industry niche and target audience. We have extensive experience collaborating with manufacturers, most of which we’ve served for many years.

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Websites for Manufacturing

One of the most challenging aspects of manufacturing websites is how to present relevant content to any one of a number of different target audiences who might visit your site. For instance, the end user of your product is a primary target audience, but often in a B2B setting, they are not the purchaser or perhaps even the approver of the purchase. Plus, there are often layers to a manufacturer’s individual target audiences. All of this complexity places additional weight on the decisions being made with regard to content strategy, content creation, and especially the website’s UX.

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Videos for Manufacturing

Increasingly, forward thinking manufacturers use web based video content to introduce end users, buyers, and approvers to their products and solutions. Product videos can quickly introduce your products to new audiences. Explainer videos can distill complex features into easily understand terms. Instructional videos can walk a user through step by step installation or usage best practices. And Brand videos can remind your existing customers why you to matter to them and to the rest of the world.


Why Experience with Manufacturing Websites Matters?

Understanding the nuances of BSB marketing, multi-layered target audiences and how to craft content strategy to meet the needs of those audiences, takes time and the wisdom that comes from experience. And that’s just the external factors. For any product manager or director of marketing, there are often just as many internal factors that must be navigated. Proving the value of a manufacturer’s web presence and the necessity of allocating budget dollars towards it can sometimes be as challenging as creating a website that’s relevant to your target audience.


Things to Keep in Mind When Presenting Yourself as a Manufacturer on the Web

Most manufacturing websites are pretty boring. They are often exasperatingly outdated, uninteresting in their presentation of product features and benefits, and for the most part, they don’t showcase the amazing humans behind the products. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make it human. Show real human beings. Share the stories of real human beings. And avoid stock photography at all cost.
  • Given careful thought to a user’s journey through your website. And don’t just rely on, “that’s how everyone else does it.”
  • Make it easy for users to contact the right person to learn more.