Technology Websites

Agencies With Experience in Technology Websites

Technology companies, by their very nature, require the latest innovation and trends that the web has to offer. But even more so, they often need a bit of outside perspective in helping to explain their value proposition to their target audience (this is frequently where Explainer videos have great value). Having a front row seat to the latest technology and web trends and given our expertise, we understand what’s needed and how to make it happen.


Websites for Technology Companies

Similar to the challenge in the Professional Services realm of business, there’s an ever-increasing amount of technology options available to meet just about every possible need, so it’s difficult to stand out. Likewise, technology websites have a tendency to be devoid of human beings, focused strictly on the technology itself with little to no mention of the humans behind the technology. While that trend is somewhat changing recently, there’s still there’s plenty of room to stand out. It’s important to present your technology in more relatable ways by showing the humans who’ve created and maintain the technology as well as the humans who benefit from it.


Videos for Technology

Explainer videos have become a standard form of web based video content featured on technology websites. The need to distill complex problems and equally complex solutions in the simplest and most accessible way possible is particularly vital among technology companies. However, there’s also an opportunity for technology companies to differentiate themselves from others in their industry through the use of Interview Videos that show the real people creating the technology.

Experience Ipso

Why Does Experience with Technology Websites Matter?

Technology companies can seem indistinguishable on the web. The products or solutions may be truly great, but with so much white noise, content clutter, and technology speak, it’s pretty easy for folks to become overwhelmed. There’s a lot of nuance in striking the right balance between showing off the “wow” of technology while still being delightfully human and approachable.


Things to Keep in Mind When Presenting Yourself as a Technology Company on the Web

Like many professional services websites, technology websites have a tendency to heavily reply on stock photography, especially when it comes to the company’s customer service. So, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid that generic and overused stock photography. Allocate part of your website budget to professional photography of your people and your actual office. Real is better than generic.
  • Make it human. Show real human beings. Share the stories of real human beings behind the real services that you offer.
  • And remember that even if your target audience are highly technical folks, they are still human beings who care about human things.